“Murang’a University ni kubwa kuliko Murang’a town”- Kenyans Continue Making Fun Of Metumi. -

“Murang’a University ni kubwa kuliko Murang’a town”- Kenyans Continue Making Fun Of Metumi.

For the past one week, Kenyans have been making fun of Murang’a Town for its slow pase when it comes to development and growth.

Before you throw fingers, here is all you need to know about the town.

When missionaries first got to Kenya, they discovered the Coast Region and inhabited with the aid of Portuguese, who had taken the coast, strategic for exchange, from Arab powers in the 16th century.The missionaries ventured into Kenya’s rugged indoors and Murang’a become one of the first places they settled.

When the British set up the East African Protectorate in 1895, their first administrative put up (Fort Smith) was positioned in Murang’a.One of the main highlights of Murang’a’s history, is the Mau Mau uprising that turned was led by the Agikuyu network who recollect Murang’a as their ancestral beginning.

Murang’a is for this reason taken into consideration, at least via some, the birthplace of the Kenyan independence movement.Missionaries had to start with been welcomed with the aid of Karuri Wagakure who turned into the leader of Tuthu.

They installated the first undertaking church in Kenya at Murang’a.Murang’a is also the source of Rivers Maragua, which originates from the heart of the Aberdare Range, Mathioya, Kayahwe, Irati and Muriurio among others.

Additionally, Murang’a is known for its fertile farming soil and true climate. Food plants like maize, beans, sweet potatoes, arrow roots, pumpkins and bananas are grown in the location.Tea and espresso are the County’s fundamental cash crops.

Currently, there’s one public college in the county, referred to as Murang’a University of Technology (MUT). MUT was set up in September 2011 through Murang’a University College order felony notice No. 129 of September 2011 as a constituent College of Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology.

MUT is the successor of Murang’a University College and Murang’a College of Technology. The University currently operates below the provision of the Universities Act 2012 CAP 210 B of the legal guidelines of Kenya.

The University is placed Five km from Murang’a town, 85 km North East of Nairobi, 70 km South East of Nyeri and 50 km South West of Embu.