Wezi sugu- Two Con Ladies Beaten To A Pulp In Kahawa.

There was drama in Kahawa Wendani after two notorious ladies were caught red-handed stealing from another woman.

An irrate mob who noticed something fishy decended on the two with kicks and blows.

The two, Mary Njeri and Sarah Naboso are said to have been using an old trick to con unsuspecting pedestrians in the outskirts of Nairobi town.

The duo pretend to be walking around with an envelope with money inside it.

When they see a pedestrian, they drop it in front of the victim.

When the victim picks it up, the two demand that they also should get a share since they had also seen it.

The victim must be the one counting the money but to seem trustworthy to the cons, they have to leave some valuables and go count the cash.

Opening the envelope, they are met with a rude shock since the envelope is filled with papers and the cons have by now disappeared without a trace.