“Nilimwaga Nje Nkachoka” Trevor Reveals His Plan To Impregnate Eve Mungai

YouTube couple Mungai Eve and Director Trevor will finally have a baby after five years of using all methods of contraception.

Trevor revealed his plan of impregnating Eve during an interactive Questions and Answers (Q&A) session with his fans on Instagram.

He revealed that they practiced withdrawal during the first year of dating when asked what they did to avoid getting pregnant.

“What do you guys do to avoid pregnancy or has it been pull out throughout the five years?” A fan asked Trevor.

“We pulled out the first year tukachoka. Hiyo swali ingine uliza Wanjiku! @mungai_eve,” Trevor answered.

In a quick rejoinder, Eve replied saying she would not share the secret why she has not gotten pregnant after five years of dating Trevor.

“That’s between me, myself and I,” Eve said.

Trevor said they were planning to have their first child in January 2026, meaning Eve plans to get pregnant in 2025.

Aside from the pressure to strengthen their union with a child, fans are now wondering when they will officially settle down as husband and wife.