Late Mwai Kibaki sister Esther Waitherero has Died aged 115 years.

KIBAKI’s Elder Sister, Who Lived In Poverty Despite Her Late Brother Being A Billionaire has died

The late President Mwai Kibaki has an elder sister by the name Waitherero who lived a humble life with her children, contrary to what one would expect.

Waitherero actually resided in a wood house notwithstanding the power and honor that her late brother wielded.

Her photographs surfaced online after Kibaki was buried and ignited responses among Netizens.

Many were stunned as they felt she was living unobtrusively for a sister of a president.

Some asked why Kibaki couldn’t uplift her life.

Waitherero is the person who raised the late President after their parents died the sibling love this time from the elder sister waitherero.

However months after her brother former president mwai kibaki died the sister has followed her to be with the angles.

Late President Mwai Kibaki elder sister Esther Waitherero has passed on aged 115 years she has left behind a family who we put in prayers during this difficult times.

Mungu amlaze mahali pema peponi, Rest in peace Esther Waitherero