President Ruto Says Njugush And Butita Earn More Than Him

During the recent National Drama Festival concert held at State House in Nairobi, President William Ruto expressed his admiration for renowned comedians Njugush and Edwin Butita. The President lauded their exceptional utilization of social media platforms, particularly YouTube, to generate substantial incomes that surpassed even his own presidential salary.

In his address to the audience, President Ruto acknowledged the remarkable financial success achieved by these exceptionally talented individuals. He urged the public not to underestimate their wealth solely based on their casual attire, emphasizing that Njugush and Edwin Butita were earning far more than his presidential salary, thus challenging preconceived notions about the earning potential of content creators in the digital age.

President Ruto’s remarks shed light on the evolving entertainment landscape and the significant opportunities available to content creators in the digital era. He expressed his appreciation for Njugush and Edwin Butita’s trailblazing efforts, commending them as exemplary role models for aspiring young content creators.

The President invited the two gentlemen to stand up and be recognized, personally congratulating them on their achievements and presenting them with flowers as a token of appreciation. Both Njugush and Edwin Butita have enjoyed successful careers in television prior to venturing into their own independent projects.

Through their captivating content, these two creators have not only amassed a substantial following but also garnered significant financial rewards from views and endorsements. Their success serves as a testament to the evolving landscape of entertainment, where digital platforms provide unprecedented opportunities for content creators to thrive and prosper.