Man, 84 years, who returned home after 47 years disappointed that his wives remarried

Peter Oyuka, a resident of Makale village, expressed dismay upon discovering that his two wives had remarried during his 47-year absence from home.

The 84-year-old man, who disappeared in 1974 at the age of 37, recently returned home to find that his wives had moved on. He lamented their inability to wait for him during his long absence, feeling disappointed that they had given other men the opportunity to form relationships with them.

Oyuka, speaking to local media, expressed his desire for his wives to acknowledge his return and make time to reconnect with him. Despite spending part of his absence in Tanzania where he formed a relationship and had a child with another woman, he still expected his original wives to remain faithful.

While he acknowledged his disappointment, he also stated his respect for their decision to remarry in his absence.

Upon hearing the news, various Kenyans had mixed reactions. Some criticized the wives for their lack of patience, while others found humor in the situation, joking about the fickleness of men and the challenges of fidelity.

Despite the varied reactions, Oyuka’s return after nearly five decades sparked conversations about fidelity, patience, and the complexities of relationships over time.