Exposed: The two ‘cartels’ President Ruto can’t defeat according to Aaron Cheruiyot

Aaron Cheruiyot, the Senate Majority Leader, has expressed doubt that President William Ruto will be able to eradicate cartels from two crucial industries in Kenya – banking and media. According to Cheruiyot, these industries have deep roots and massive control over everything. He also claims that they cooperate to defend one another and that a balance is necessary for the benefit of the general public. Cheruiyot made these statements via his Twitter account, stating that these industries are extremely powerful, influential, and synergize well to protect each other’s interests.

Since taking office from former President Uhuru Kenyatta, the Kenya Kwanza leadership has been strategizing and ironing out how their government will operate. This has led to a restructuring of important organizations such as the DCI, Police, and KRA under the new government structure.

Before the general elections in August 2022, President Ruto promised to seriously deal with cartels from the important industries that were burdening Kenyans with exorbitant prices for commodities. He also revealed that cutting out brokers and intermediaries from the food manufacturing chain would help bring down production costs and eventually the cost on consumers.

Cheruiyot’s comments highlight the challenges that the Ruto administration faces in its efforts to eradicate cartels from the banking and media industries. These industries have been known to wield significant influence and control in Kenya. However, it is important to note that the government has taken steps to restructure and strengthen key organizations to tackle these challenges.

Overall, finding a balance that protects the interests of the public and the industries involved remains a critical issue. It will require collaboration and cooperation between the government, private sector, and civil society to create a transparent and accountable system that benefits all Kenyans.