Mulamwah: Why I live in Sh. 9,000 bedsitter despite being a Multimillionaire

Mulamwah, a popular Kenyan celebrity, content creator, and radio presenter, recently opened up about why he chooses to live in a bedsitter despite his financial success. In a recent interview with Plug Tv, Mulamwah revealed that he is currently building his own mansion in the village and is therefore choosing to spend less on rent. Since he is living alone, he has found it more practical and economical to live in a smaller space.

Although Mulamwah has shared photos of his bedsitter on social media several times, many have noticed that the space often appears disorganized. Mulamwah explained that this is intentional and serves as a setting for content creation. By making his space appear relatable and messy, he is able to capture the attention of his audience.

Prior to moving into his bedsitter, Mulamwah lived in a one-bedroom apartment for which he paid KSH 9,000 per month. However, he has always been focused on saving and investing his money, rather than spending it on an expensive lifestyle. Despite his fame, Mulamwah remains humble and committed to achieving his goals.