Harmonize: Don't talk to me if you don't own a range Rover -

Harmonize: Don’t talk to me if you don’t own a range Rover

Harmonize, a popular Bongo artist, recently made comments on his Instagram stories in which he seemed to belittle other East African artists who do not own Range Rovers. According to him, if an artist does not have this brand of car, they should not even talk to him. He went on to say that every Range Rover in town is inspired by him, implying that he is the one who popularized the brand.

Harmonize has been seen using his Range Rovers to make public gestures, such as when he bought two brand new ones to win back his ex-girlfriend Kajala. He even made a series of videos standing next to the cars, apologizing and declaring his love for her. In the videos, he also revealed that Kajala had once housed him for months, which the public was unaware of.

However, it later emerged that Harmonize had lied about owning the expensive vehicles. According to a car dealership owner who spoke to actor/comedian Mr Pimbi, Harmonize had borrowed three Range Rovers – two white and one black – to advertise them, but had misused them. Mr Pimbi also revealed that Harmonize only owns a Toyota V8, and that insiders had known all along that he did not really own the Range Rovers.