Georgina Njenga Parties Like A Wild Cat, Smokes Shisha In A Club -

Georgina Njenga Parties Like A Wild Cat, Smokes Shisha In A Club

Georgina, a mother of one, caused a stir when she made an appearance at a club wearing torn jeans, drawing attention from onlookers.

However, it was her smoking habit that truly caught people’s attention and sparked discussions. A widely circulated video on social media showed Georgina smoking shisha vigorously, resembling a factory chimney.

Interestingly, this outing occurred just days after she introduced her new boyfriend, following her breakup with Tyler Mbaya. During an interactive Q&A session with her fans on Instagram, Georgina openly discussed her relationship.

One fan inquired about her current status with Tyler Mbaya, asking if they were still together. Georgina replied, “No… We broke up.” Another concerned fan asked about her and Baha, to which she promptly clarified that she had ended things with Mbaya and was currently in a new relationship.

Addressing the recurring question, Georgina firmly stated, “This is the last time I will answer. We broke up, and I am now in a new relationship with my new man!”

Following her revelation about dating again, Georgina took to social media to showcase a tattoo she had gotten in honor of her new boyfriend.