”My Dogs Ksh.15,000 Daily zinaishi Vizuri Kuliko Wengine Wenu” Mike Sonko’s Daughter Says.

Sandra Mbuvi, the daughter of Mike Sonko, recently shared insights into the considerable expenses she incurs in catering to the needs of her beloved dogs. Known for her deep affection for pets, Sandra has been frequently photographed enjoying quality moments with her canine companions.

During an interview with Vincent Mboya, Sandra expressed the profound significance her pets hold in her life, emphasizing that she spares no effort in providing them with everything they desire. She disclosed that, on a regular basis, she allocates a substantial amount ranging from Ksh. 10,000 to 15,000 to meet her dogs’ various needs.

Approximately a year ago, Sandra offered a glimpse into the meticulous food menu she maintains for her dogs. The allocated funds primarily cover their specialized dietary requirements, encompassing items such as pet biscuits, dog meat, toys, and even clothing. Sandra elaborated that she follows a daily menu to ensure her dogs receive a well-rounded and nourishing diet.

Sandra’s commitment to her pets extends beyond mere provisions. She divulged that she accompanies her dogs on shopping excursions, allowing them to choose items they fancy, all of which she readily purchases for them. This level of attentive care contributes to her dogs’ remarkable well-being and affords them a lifestyle that many would envy.

It’s worth noting that Sandra’s dogs are not your average canine companions; they belong to the esteemed German Shepherd breed. This distinction implies a need for a carefully curated diet and regular medical checkups to maintain their health. Sandra ensures that any medical complications are promptly addressed and treated, underscoring her dedication to the overall welfare of her cherished pets.