National Assembly Speaker Wetangula Approves Impeachment Motion Against CS Linturi

National Assembly Speaker, Moses Wetangula, has approved an impeachment motion against Agriculture Cabinet Secretary (CS) Mithika Linturi. The motion, presented by Bumula Member of Parliament Jack Wamboka, aims to impeach Linturi on grounds of gross misconduct, severe violation of the Constitution, and the commission of a crime under national law.

Wetangula’s decision to greenlight the motion came after thorough examination, ensuring it adhered to all legal requirements and standing orders. Consequently, Wamboka was granted the opportunity to proceed with the impeachment motion.

Wetangula emphasized that the motion’s grounds for dismissing the Agriculture CS align with the stipulations of standing orders 641a and 66, making it eligible for progression to the next stage.

Per the Speaker’s ruling, the House must address the motion within seven days of its initiation. Failure to do so would result in the motion being considered null and void.

The members are slated to deliberate on the motion on Thursday, following its initiation by Bumula MP amidst applause from fellow members.

During the debate, the House will decide whether to establish a committee comprising eleven members to investigate the allegations against the CS and determine his culpability. Wetangula outlined that the committee formation would require the affirmative votes of 117 MPs. If formed, the committee will have a timeframe of 10 days to conduct its investigation and subsequently report its findings to the House.

“The Select Committee is mandated to report to the assembly within 10 days, stating whether it finds the allegations against the Cabinet Secretary substantiated or not. If unsubstantiated, no further action will be taken,” Wetangula clarified. “However, if the allegations are upheld, the House will grant the CS an opportunity to present their case before proceeding with a vote on whether to recommend the Cabinet Secretary’s dismissal.”

Wamboka, while initiating the motion, expressed confidence in possessing sufficient evidence to support the CS’s removal from office, with the intent to recommend his removal to the President.