John Njagi Allegedly Conned Musaimo At The Nightfall Hotel (Evidence).

Popular Kikuyu Mugithi singer, John Njagi has been accused of conning veteran musician Musaimo Wa Njeri.

According to reports, John had been given a contract by Nightfall Park Hotel, Thika to perform on Sunday 10,October.

He in return said that he would bring with him Musaimo to battle it out and would pay for his performance.

However, Musaimo was not aware of the agreement that he would be payed by Njagi instead of the promoters.

In an agreement seen by Murang’a Newspaper, Njagi was payed a down payment of Ksh 60,000 and after performing was payed Ksh 60,000 amounting to Ksh 120,000.

Now, Musaimo Wa Njeri has come out crying foul saying that he was never payed even a single cent.

“My question is, is that justice for to spend the whole night singing my lungs out and then someone cons me me my hard earned money? To the management of the club, please pay me before I expose you,” he said.

However, the management of Nightfall place has distanced itself from the allegations.

See the agreement between in photos;