‘Jomo Kenyatta International Airport Roof Leakage Lasted Only 30 Minutes’:CS Murkomen Says Situation Was Exaggerated

Kipchumba Murkomen, the Cabinet Secretary for Roads and Transport, has downplayed the recent flooding incident at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA), suggesting that it has been blown out of proportion. During a recent segment of “The Explainer” on Citizen TV, Murkomen expressed his view that Kenyans were exaggerating the situation following the circulation of a video depicting chaos at the airport.

According to Murkomen, the incident was a minor occurrence lasting only twenty to thirty minutes before it was resolved, and it did not significantly impact the airport’s regular operations. He attributed the issue to aging infrastructure, explaining that ongoing construction work sometimes affects older infrastructure, such as pipes, resulting in leaks.

Murkomen emphasized that incidents like leaks and blackouts are not uncommon and can happen at the airport at any time. He reassured the public that any disruption to infrastructure lasting 20 minutes to an hour should not cause alarm.

Regarding the disruption at Terminal 1E on Saturday, Murkomen attributed the problem to aging infrastructure and assured that renovations were underway. Immediate measures included the installation of gutters to prevent rainwater accumulation and the replacement of the roof.

Furthermore, Murkomen highlighted ongoing construction efforts at the airport, including the construction of a new arrival terminal atop Terminal 1C and the replacement of Terminal 1E, which has overstayed its intended usage period.

In summary, Murkomen sought to reassure the public that the recent incidents at JKIA were minor and being addressed through ongoing infrastructure improvements.