“I am not messing my figure for another baby” says Vera Sidika

Yummy mummy Vera Sidika says she will not be having any more kids to avoid ruining her curves.

Having given birth to two babies – back to back, the socialite now says she might take 7 years before opting to have another one.

Speaking during a session with Real Housewives of Nairobi, Vera Sidika did not hold back from praising her God given hour glass figure which she continues to maintain even after giving birth twice.

I am not going to try to have another baby until after seven years. Don’t you see my hourglass shape and my (tiny) waist? I’m not messing that up anytime soon, said Vera Sidika.

Present mum

Another major reason she will not be having more kids at the mean time is because the socialite says she needs more time with her toddlers.

As a mum she understands that raising 2 under 2 kids is more chaotic than dealing with a crowd of protestors who can understand the word ‘no’ when need be.

Vera Sidika. Photo/Instagram

But then again, I have had two children in two years and I think I need to enjoy my children more before I can think of having another, the socialite went on.

Anyway with her socialite career back on track and a new relationship with a Nigerian man – Vera Sidika is not planning on slowing down anytime soon.