Kapenguria-Lodwar Highway Swept Away By Floods between Lous Market and Kambi Karaya, West Pokot

The Kapenguria-Lodwar Highway suffered severe damage early Monday morning due to flooding between Lous Market and Kambi Karaya in West Pokot County.

West Pokot County Commissioner Abdullahi Khalif confirmed the incident and expressed regret over the devastation caused by the heavy rainfall in the area.

He informed that upon receiving reports of the damaged section, traffic police from Marich Police Station were dispatched to assist motorists.

Khalif emphasized the authorities’ commitment to finding solutions and restoring connectivity, acknowledging the seriousness of the situation.

He urged patience from road users, assuring them that relevant agencies were working to identify alternative routes for transportation continuity. Simultaneously, efforts were underway to repair the affected stretch of the highway.

Khalif cautioned travelers against impatience, particularly amidst the ongoing heavy rains in the region. He promised prompt updates on the situation concerning the affected highway.

As a result of the damage, travelers found themselves stranded on both sides of the impassable section, disrupting their journeys.

The Kapenguria-Lodwar Highway is a crucial route, serving significant transportation needs, including those traveling to and from South Sudan.