Woman who left her home to work as a househelp in Dubai builds her own school

After devoting four years to working as a househelp in Dubai, Salla Tourist took a bold step to return to her homeland, fueled by a profound aspiration to enact positive change.

Despite encountering various obstacles, ranging from societal norms to personal sacrifices, Salla embarked on a mission to realize her vision of providing high-quality education to the children in her locality.

Salla’s journey commenced modestly, teaching children in her mother’s residence. What initially began as a small-scale endeavor rapidly gained momentum as more and more children gravitated towards her impromptu classroom.

Reflecting on her journey, Salla shared, “I initially started teaching my daughter until neighboring kids started coming over, and the numbers kept growing. My mother, being a teacher herself, supported me. She had to give up her marriage because my father believed she was too attractive to be around men and had stifled her aspirations of becoming a teacher.”

Supported by her mother’s expertise in education, Salla laid the groundwork for what would eventually evolve into Salla Academy.

The decision to establish a school was not solely driven by Salla’s passion for education but also by her concern for the safety and accessibility of schooling for the children in her community.

Recognizing the hazards children encountered while commuting to distant schools amidst sugarcane plantations, Salla identified the urgent necessity for a local educational institution.

Thus, Salla Academy was founded, offering education from early childhood to pre-primary level in a secure and conducive setting.

Salla’s unwavering determination and ingenuity shone through as she mobilized support from her YouTube followers and the local community to actualize her vision.

With their assistance, she managed to erect a modern school building and cultivate an environment that nurtures learning and development.