I got SMS saying I had won KSh 2m bet, I only realised it was scam after paying 30k processing fee

A Kenyan woman named Atieno Damaris was overjoyed when she received an email saying she had won a foreign lottery. She had only played an online lottery once, so she thought it was her lucky day. 

She followed the instructions in the email to claim her prize, but she soon realized she had been duped by a cunning con artist.

The scammer had also sent her a text message confirming her win, and asked her to deposit KSh 10k to cover the foreign processing fee. 

“They told me this was only happening since I was not in the US. If I had been in the US, the process would have been free. They said the money would help in opening an international payment platform. I was convinced, especially after they mentioned I wouldn’t have been charged if I had been in the US,” Atieno recalled.

Next, she was told to send another KSh 15k to open a dollar account in her local bank, where her prize money would be transferred. She did so without hesitation.

Then, she received a message from the supposed payment platform saying she had received 13600 USD. She was ecstatic and started to plan how she would spend the money. “I had planned to buy a cow, start a poultry farm, renovate my house, buy a laptop and pay fees for my children,” she said.

Finally, she got a call from the scammer, who said her money was ready and all she had to do was respond to a message from them. They initiated an M-Pesa prompt that asked her to pay KSh 5,000, which she quickly paid without reading.

Two days later, she was still waiting for the cash to appear in her account. She called the scammer, who assured her the money was on its way.

Two more days later, they stopped answering her calls, and that is when it dawned on her that she had just fallen prey to a con game. 

“I could not even believe it. I was very stupid, I am always very careful, how did that even happen to me,” she lamented.

During her confession, one of the people who was following her live video said that they had also fallen victim to Kamiti scammers. However, they were able to catch them after they contacted Mugwenu Doctors of +254740637248.

“The thieves fell terribly ill with swollen private parts and a voice kept telling them to return the KSh 10,000 they had scammed from me. They revealed this at a public hospital where they had been taken for treatment by prison wardens. The money was wired back to me and Mugwenu Doctors reversed the curse. Prison authorities were left to handle the nitty-gritty of the case.

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