“Nitatumia Kiberiti Mtoto Anifanane,” Wife Reveals how He will Use Kiberiti To Cheat On Husband

A recent exchange on WhatsApp between a man and his extramarital partner has stirred varied reactions among Kenyan internet users. The dialogue unveils the woman’s desire for a child with certain traits from the man, intending to manipulate the appearance through the use of matchbox powder.

The conversation commences with the woman notifying the man of her husband’s absence on a week-long business trip to Mombasa, expressing apprehension over his potential infidelity during this period. In seeking retribution, she implores the man to father a child with her, envisioning a progeny possessing the desirable attributes of tall stature, dark complexion, and intelligence akin to the man himself.

This discourse has sparked diverse responses from netizens, with some condemning the woman’s actions as morally reprehensible and lacking in ethical integrity. Criticism is also directed towards the man for engaging in an extramarital liaison, while sympathy is extended to the unsuspecting husband, oblivious to his wife’s deceitful intentions.

In essence, the exchange has reignited discussions on the issue of infidelity and its far-reaching repercussions, underscoring the imperative for individuals to uphold moral rectitude and ethical conduct within their relationships.

The man exhibits hesitance towards the woman’s proposal, wary of betraying a friend if he were to acquiesce to her scheme. She, however, remains resolute in her plan, suggesting the use of matchbox powder to manipulate the child’s appearance, ensuring resemblance to herself.

This occurrence is not an isolated incident within Kenya’s social landscape. A comparable exchange surfaced in 2021, involving a woman contemplating infidelity while her husband was away for KCSE marking. In this instance as well, the notion of utilizing matchbox powder to deceive regarding the child’s paternity was raised.

The recurrent mention of matchbox powder as a tool for disguising infidelity underscores a concerning trend within Kenyan society. However, it is imperative to recognize that such actions are not only morally objectionable but also carry legal ramifications. Upholding principles of honesty and integrity remains essential in fostering healthy and trustworthy relationships, thereby mitigating the occurrence of such deceitful situations.