Avril’s ageless beauty surprises Kenyan women! What’s her secret? -

Avril’s ageless beauty surprises Kenyan women! What’s her secret?

For many years, Avril Nyambura, the Kenyan singer, has been inspiring women and men with her timeless appearance. Her music career has established her as a model of aging with grace and many younger women look up to her for tips on maintaining a youthful look.

Whenever Avril posts a photo on social media or records a music video, she flaunts her curvaceous figure and youthful complexion, leaving many in awe. Following numerous inquiries from her fans about her secret to her youthful appearance, Avril finally revealed her secret in an interview with Milele FM in 2020.

Avril revealed that eating healthy food, drinking lots of water, and avoiding stress are the key components to her youthful appearance. She also emphasized the importance of letting go of things that bring unnecessary stress and pressure. Avril advised her fans to drink plenty of water and consume natural, organic foods, and to drink wine instead of other alcoholic beverages.

Unfortunately, Avril has also faced cyberbullying in regards to her appearance. In 2014, she was viciously attacked by online critics after posting a photo of herself with acne scarring on her face, without any makeup. Despite the negativity, Avril stood up for herself and clapped back at the online bullies.

Today, Avril is the proud owner of her own beauty and fragrance company, ‘My Everything by Avril’, which offers beauty products and fragrances to enhance the beauty and physical allure of her customers.