UHURU didn’t make me rich, I was a millionaire before I joined politics' MURATHE
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‘UHURU didn’t make me rich, I was a millionaire before I joined politics’ MURATHE

David Murathe, on Wednesday evening, revealed that he became bankrupt when he joined Parliament as Gatanga MP in 1997.

He was reacting to claims that his relationship with President Uhuru Kenyatta has assisted him with accruing wealth all through.

“I have grown up in business. I am not taking advantage of my proximity with the president.

“I am not in government, I don’t work for the government but I am a businessman,” Murathe stated.

He chose to file for bankruptcy as part of a well thought move to protect his businesses which were being targeted by people he owed money.

“I was rich before I went to Parliament but when I went to Parliament I became broke, I even had to take the receiving order,” he added.

Murathe clarified that he had the biggest computer company in Kenya, procuring him more than Ksh100 million every year.

“At the time, people like Rigathi Gachagua were earning Ksh3,500 as District Officers (DO’s) in Molo,” Murathe said.

The Jubilee Vice-Chairperson believes he has risen up the ranks on his own, putting in mind that his dad was a hawker who worked for Kenya Bus as a conductor, an inspector and later as a sales rep driver.

Mathira MP Rigathi Gachagua had said he had misused his relationship to the president to accrue wealth.

“Today you are a multi-millionaire, you have made all this money yet nobody is asking you how you made it…when the President came to power you made deals with the Chinese,” he said.

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