Hilarious! Meru man steals radio while the owner is listening

A surprising incident occurred in Mikinduri, Meru County, where a man from the Meru community astounded Kenyans with his remarkable thieving skills. This individual managed to successfully steal a radio while its owner was actively listening to it, leaving everyone in disbelief.

According to a witness present at the scene, the man responsible for the theft was identified as Kirimi. He took advantage of the situation when Kamurî, the radio’s owner, was engrossed in listening to the 7 PM News on Inooro FM. Kamurî had positioned himself comfortably by the fire, with the radio resting on a shelf nearby.

The witness explained that it was a chilly evening, and Kamurî’s routine involved tuning in to the 7 PM News on Inooro FM. Being a close neighbor of Kamurî, Kirimi was well aware of his neighbor’s daily schedule and knew about his evening radio routine.

Exploiting this knowledge, Kirimi discreetly entered Kamurî’s compound. Kamurî, assuming it was one of his sons paying him a visit, did not pay much attention to Kirimi’s presence.

According to the witness, Kirimi quietly sneaked into Kamurî’s house and effortlessly grabbed the radio without alerting its owner. As he made his way out, he even adjusted the volume of the radio, mimicking Kamurî’s usual behavior. The clever thief increased the volume slightly with every step, effectively deceiving Kamurî into thinking that everything was normal.

Unaware of the ongoing theft, Kamurî remained oblivious, assuming that the radio was still within his reach. It was only when the volume abruptly went silent that he realized his radio had been stolen.

Kenyans, reacting to this incident, expressed astonishment at the thief’s level of ingenuity and creativity.

“He must be a genius. With such skills, he could have excelled in academia,” commented one Kenyan in response to the incident.

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of vigilance and security measures, even in seemingly familiar surroundings. It also highlights the unexpected talents some individuals possess, leaving us in awe of their abilities, albeit used in an unlawful manner.