How much does a Kenya Airways pilot earn per month? See their salaries

Established on January 22, 1977, Kenya Airways (KQ) was formed following the breakdown of the East African Community and the shutdown of East African Airways. However, over the years, the airline has been facing numerous challenges, including pilot strikes and significant financial losses, resulting in its reputation as the “Pride of Africa” diminishing. KQ operates a fleet of 32 planes and serves 51 destinations worldwide, 43 of which are located in Africa. The airline was previously owned by the Kenyan government, but was privatized in 1995 and is now a public-private partnership with the Kenyan government holding 48.9%, KQ Lenders Company 2017 Ltd. owning 38.1%, and KLM owning 7.8%.

To revive the business and return it to profitability, KQ has undergone several changes in leadership. Sebastian Mikosz was appointed as CEO and Managing Director of Kenya Airways Group, followed by Allan Kilavuka. Michael Joseph, a former CEO of Safaricom, was chosen to lead the airline in 2016.

KQ pilots have gone on strike several times to demand better compensation. The carrier has 414 pilots and 38 operational planes. According to a Collective Bargaining Agreement signed in 2018, the maternity cover for pilots was increased to kes200,000 from kes40,000, and inpatient cover rose to kes4 million from kes2.7 million. Outpatient cover was set at kes200,000 per family for up to six individuals, up from kes40,000. Pilots account for 45% of the airline’s wage bill. Captains earn an average monthly salary of Sh1.6 million ($160,000), while first officers earn Sh30,814. Gross salaries for pilots flying Boeing and Embraer range from Sh483,350 to Sh407,916. Captains receive a house allowance of Sh36,000, and pilots flying outside of Kenya receive an extra Sh20,000.