Three major differences between movie Djs Afro & Dj Smith -

Three major differences between movie Djs Afro & Dj Smith

Movie deejaying in Kenya is gaining traction and prominence by day as more TV stations embrace this idea that has proven popular among many TV viewers.

It all started with Gikuyu TV where popular DJ Afro-narrated movies air daily at 2200hrs and rebroadcast the following day beginning at 1300hrs.

It wasn’t long before the pioneer Kikuyu TV station, 3 Stones TV, embraced the idea where it now also airs DJ Smith-narrated movies. And just recently, a bilingual TV station, MTN Kenya, followed suit and too has its own DJ-narrated-movies.

Narrated movies are very popular among rural and ghetto youngsters and it is where the likes of DJs Afro and Smith made their names before going ‘mainstream’.

Both DJs undoubtedly lead the pack of movie narrators and there has even been a sustained argument of who between Afro and Smith is ‘deadlier’.

While Afro is widely considered by many as the ‘kiboko yao’, he recently suffered a career setback when the Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) moved in to censor his Gikuyu TV-aired movies.

According to KFCB, many Afro movies were PG-rated and, therefore, shouldn’t air during the watershed period (0500hrs-2300hrs) because they were not good for kids’ consumption.

But even with KFCB intervention, the question still lingers of who between Afro and Smith really rocks and why? Well, consider the following and be the judge.

1. Narration language

DJ Afro is widely notorious for his use of ‘naughty’ language which often has got a lot of sexual connotations. His creativity in this aspect makes him even more popular. Critics say that his movies are just shameful and unacceptable for general family viewing.

Fans, however, argue that Afro never recommends his movies for the underaged and those who bump into them, their parents are to be blamed for it.

DJ Smith on the other hand rarely uses ‘naughty’ language in his narrations which makes his movies a favourite for family viewing. Those who don’t like his narration language will tell you that his movies are boring to the core.

2. Viewer discretion

DJ Afro, at the beginning of his movies, can never warn you that the movie you are about to watch has got adult scenes in it so that you can decide accordingly in case you are watching TV with your children.

DJ Smith, on the other hand, will advise accordingly as far as the content of the movie is concerned.

3. Movie content Vs DJ narrations

There are those who say that DJ Afro ‘makes up stories’ to make his movies ‘sweeter’ rather than just telling his audience what is strictly on the movie. Smith is, nevertheless, said to stick to the movie storyline.