Murang’a Man Pays School Fees For UNIVERSITY Babe she Met On Facebook Only To Find Out She Is A Man.

A man in Murang’a has expressed his disappointment after it emerged that the campus girlfriend he has been paying school fees for was actually a man.

The 38-year-old man identified as James Irungu speaking to Murang’a Newspaper said that he met the lady on Facebook and their “love” journey started not knowing that behind the beautiful profile was a man.

He revealed that after 3 months of chatting, they made it official on Facebook and he started paying her campus fee and utility bills.

James said that they would chat and call each other on designated times seeing that the lady was busy in school.

“We maintained our relationship and would talk often. I’d call her in the evening and I had no doubts that she was a lady,” he said.

After 6 months, James said that he received a call which notified him that the lady he was allegedly dating is actually a man and he had been giving his girlfriend his phone to pretend on calls.

James went on to add that after the identity was revealed, the alleged lady blocked him and relocated to a new house near the school.

He said that he has spent over Ksh 100,000 on the lady for the past five months adding that he will not take actions since he is also to blame for his stupidity.