“Sijasema Tumewachana” Akothee Hilariously Responds To Break-up Rumours

Akothee has made an announcement, stating, “Starting today, I shall be known as Mrs. Ojingo,” as she actively searches for a new life partner.

In a recent video shared on her Instagram stories, Akothee playfully introduced the title “Ojingo” for her prospective next husband. She playfully explained that this name is temporary, and she is still on the hunt for the groom. She humorously added that when people spot her next groom, they should refer to him as “Ojingo the 8th” and jokingly suggested calling the police.

During an interaction with her hairstylist, Akothee confirmed her intention to get married again. However, she emphasized her determination not to get as emotionally involved as she did in her previous marriage with her estranged husband, whom she fondly called “Omosh,” a nickname that became popular among Kenyans.

Akothee expressed her surprise at how people have assumed that she has parted ways with Omosh when she has not officially made such an announcement. She stated, “I haven’t even mentioned a breakup; they’ve started telling me about Ojingo the 8th.”

Akothee also voiced her frustration about people who claim to care for her well-being but seem more interested in gossip. She firmly stated that those who genuinely care about her would have known about her struggles without her needing to call them. She dismissed those who have suddenly become available, remarking, “You want to get the latest information, but you’re not true friends. If I’ve never called you to share my experiences, don’t bother me. Some of you, I tried calling for business, and you ignored me; now you claim to be available for me. I don’t want your nonsense. You’ll stay like fans, listen like fans, but don’t call me.”