“Endelea kuniona kama supu ya mawe,ile siku mzungu atanipata na anipige munju ndio mtaanza kusema hii imeenda Marakwet daughter

Milicent Jerotich, widely known as Marakwet Daughter, has swiftly captured hearts across the nation with the captivating tunes of her smash hit, “Mali Safi Chito,” igniting a frenzy across social media platforms.

Amidst her soaring popularity, the Kenyan Kalenjin songstress has recently made headlines not only for her musical prowess but also for candidly addressing her personal life and romantic status.

In an illuminating interview with vloggers, Marakwet Daughter clarified that she is presently unattached, dispelling rumors despite her social media posts featuring various men.

“Being in a relationship isn’t a taboo, but for the time being, I’m still single. Look, no ring on my finger. I’m still on the market. Come woo me. But come prepared. Otherwise, you’ll realize you’re clueless. I’m still in the game like dates,” she humorously remarked.

Jepkorir, as she’s fondly known, departed from her marriage at the tender age of 21, compelled by numerous hardships that led her back to her parental home.

In a heartfelt conversation with VJ Mastermind, the songstress bared her soul about her tumultuous marital journey and the trials she endured from a young age.

She revealed that she tied the knot at 16 in a bid to escape the grips of poverty that plagued her family.

“I never attended high school. I was wed at 16. Life was so harsh that I found solace returning to my family’s home rather than staying in my marital abode. I left him at 21. I endured a lot. Despite my talents, which seemed to flourish effortlessly, conflict within my ex-husband’s family erupted. I endured hardships, endured abuse, and even battled depression. Sleep eluded me. I sought solace in hospitals,” she recounted during the interview.

Jepkorir underwent treatment and gradually found healing.

Determined to pursue her dreams, she shifted her focus to her music career, channeling her energy into realizing her aspirations.