Please help me sell my soul to the devil"- Poor Kenyan Man Begs Akothee (Screenshots)
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“Please help me sell my soul to the devil”- Poor Kenyan Man Begs Akothee (Screenshots).

Controversial singer, Akothee has exposed a young man who begged her to help him sell his soul to the devil.

The young man who slid into her DM was hoping for a chance to get rich quick through the devil but the singer blasted him saying that he should stop being lazy and go to work.

“My friend, stop giving yourself unnecessary pressure. The achievements you see on social media today are people’s dreams, goal targets and hard work put in place for over 20 years. There is no shortcuts to success, there is a system to succeed,” she said.


“Stop concentrating on people eating their harvest and learn the art of patience and plant your seed.”

“The devil is the thief. The money you have not worked for will never quench your thirst, when I look at you, you just want shortcuts in making it,” she stated.


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