“Ambia bwana yako anioe basi”- Karangu Muraya Badly Blasts A Fan (Photo).

In his latest posts, Media personality Karangu Wa Muraya has badly told off a fan who disrespected him.

The fan who had taken to the MC’s comment section said that Karangu has some womanly features.

Unakuanga na ka umama”- the fan had commented.

This comment seemed to rattle Karangu who did not take it lightly.

Karangu said that if indeed he looks womanly, the the fan’s husband should go and marry him.

Ambia bwana yako anioe basi,” Karangu replied to the comment.

The turf saw other followers flood the comment with mixed reactions with some supporting the fan while others sided with Karangu.