Nakuru Woman Taking Over East Africa With Njahi Coffee -

Nakuru Woman Taking Over East Africa With Njahi Coffee

Jahay Coffee is a healthy, non-caffeinated beverage made from black beans, also known as njahi, founded by Mary Wairimu from Nakuru County in Kenya. The beverage offers an alternative to local consumers and others across East Africa. Wairimu is dedicated to boosting the local manufacturing industry in Kenya, and her company focuses on this goal.

To offer a new experience for her clients, Wairimu uses four herbs from India and other countries in her beverage. Jahay Coffee is served like any other hot beverage made from hot water and milk with sugar to one’s taste. According to Wairimu, it can boost one’s mood and energize them in a hearty and friendly way. She also claims that coffee helps manage arthritis, regulates blood sugar, cleanses the gut, lowers the risk of chronic illnesses, strengthens bones, and increases milk production in lactating mothers.

Wairimu stated that Jahay Coffee is the only beverage that can address addictions by lowering cravings and calming withdrawal symptoms from any addiction. Consumers across East Africa, especially those in Tanzania, reportedly enjoy her products, and those in Tanzania prefer coffee prepared with ginger, cinnamon, and cloves.

Black beans are highly nutritious and contain protein, folate, iron, Vitamin B6, Calcium, Magnesium, and phosphorous, all of which help boost the consumer’s health. The coffee packaging highlights the fact that Jahay coffee is a nutrient-rich product of the Kenyan black bean (Njahi), loaded with proteins, iron, calcium, magnesium, complex carbohydrates, and fiber.

Meanwhile, the Kenyan government proposed the Export Investment Promotion Levy to impose a tax on imported finished products that the country’s manufacturers can produce locally. The move aims to encourage local production of goods often imported.