Mastan Wanjala's Family Disowns Him, Says They Will Not To Burry A Killer. -

Mastan Wanjala’s Family Disowns Him, Says They Will Not To Burry A Killer.

Self-confessed serial killer, Mastan Wanjala’s family has disowned him and vowed not to bury his corpses in their compound.

Mastan was lynched to death by an irrate mob on Thursday, October 14, after he escaped from police custody for confessing to have killed more than ten children.

Speaking to a local daily, Wanjala’s father, said that the family will not burry a killer seeing that according to their customs, it will attract a curse to the family.

Notably, the family skipped Wanjala’s postmortem which was been conducted by homicide detectives at the Bungoma County Referral Hospital.

Area Assistant Chief, Abiud Musungu stated that the family failed to turn up to take the DNA test and lay to rest their.

He went on to add that the Government might be forced to burry Mastan if the family maintains its stand.

A family member identified as Wafula, said that they don’t want too be involved for fear of being perceived as killers.

“We’re afraid that if we bury him, we, as a clan, might be perceived as killers,” said Wafula.

Meanwhile, Wanjala’s step-father has come out to speak for the first time.

Ndonye Nzau said that Wanjala was a determined child who was very bright in class.

“I started taking care of him when he was three years old. He was very clever in school. Fellow learners could attend classes for the whole term but he would go to school the last week and still emerge top,” said Nzau.

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