Kenyan Newspapers Under Huge Criticism for Failing to Publish Brian Chira’s Death

Makau Mutua, a former spokesperson for the council overseeing Raila Odinga’s presidential campaign under Azimio, has expressed disappointment with media outlets for their silence regarding Brian Chira.

Mutua, using his platform, pointed out that Kenyan newspapers intentionally refrained from reporting on the death and burial of Brian Chira, a popular TikToker laid to rest on Tuesday.

The academic, who lectures at a university in the United States, criticized newspapers for neglecting their duty to inform the public by omitting coverage of the young man’s funeral, despite its prominence on social media.

“It’s concerning that Kenyan newspapers have consciously chosen not to provide comprehensive coverage of Brian Chira’s funeral and related events,” Professor Makau Mutua remarked.

Mutua observed that Chira’s funeral attracted a large audience, particularly among the youth, and lamented the newspapers’ failure to engage with this significant societal occurrence.

“He held immense appeal for Kenya’s youth and had much to impart. It’s regrettable!” Mutua emphasized.

Chira tragically lost his life in a road accident approximately two weeks prior, having been struck by a vehicle.

Following his passing, the Kenyan TikTok community has taken charge of organizing his funeral arrangements, with a notable presence of mourners, including TikTokers from across the nation, paying their respects on the day of his burial.