What wives of late John de Mathew do for a living after the death of their husband.

What wives of the late John de Mathew do to earn living after the death of their husband.

John De Mathew was a famous Kikuyu musician who died in August 2019 in a road accident near Blue Springs Hotel in Kiambu county. John De Matthew was one of the few men who admitted publicly to being polygamous and he was able to handle his wives well.

His first wife was Sarafina Wairimu whom he married when he was still a young boy and together they sired 4 children. His second wife is Carolyn Waithira who according to her she said that she met John de Matthew at a party where she was serving food and after a short period of courtship they got married, with John, Carolyn sired 2 kids.

After the death of John who was the breadwinner of the family, his wives started some businesses to supplement what was left by their husbands. Sarafina the elder wife, is a professional counselor while Carolyn is a business Lady who owns a liquor store and shop called John Jameson wines and spirits which is located in Ruiru Kiambu county.