Khaligraph Jones recruits Harmonize for new banger 'Kwame' -

Khaligraph Jones recruits Harmonize for new banger ‘Kwame’

The renowned rapper Khaligraph Jones has recently released a new hit single titled ‘Kwame’, which features the talented Tanzanian singer, Harmonize. During an interview on the Morning Kiss with Kwambox and Oga Obinna, Khaligraph praised Harmonize for his passion towards his career, stating that he had initially approached another artist to collaborate with but received a negative response. However, when he reached out to Harmonize, he was pleased with his positive attitude towards the song. Khaligraph further explained that sometimes artists collaborate, but they do not promote the song, which can be disappointing. He expressed his gratitude towards Harmonize for his support and positive attitude towards their collaboration.

Khaligraph had planned to release the song in 2022, but Harmonize’s eagerness to work on the project inspired him to expedite the release. He appreciated the fact that he did not require sponsors to work with and was willing to invest his own resources in the project. Despite the additional expenses, Khaligraph’s commitment to his craft was evident in the exceptional visuals of the song.

During the interview, Khaligraph talked about his family and his approach to disciplining his children. He highlighted the importance of prayer and its role in strengthening the foundation of every family. The rapper expressed his appreciation for the support and guidance of his mother in raising his children.

Khaligraph’s deep-rooted faith is evident in his music, as he often concludes his performances with a prayerful note. His song “Maombi ya Mama” emphasizes the significance of God’s grace, which has been the driving force behind his success. Khaligraph attributes all his achievements to God and expresses his gratitude to Him.

In conclusion, Khaligraph Jones has proven himself to be a versatile and talented artist who strives to create exceptional music. His collaboration with Harmonize in ‘Kwame’ is a testament to his commitment to producing quality music. Furthermore, his deep faith and appreciation for family values set him apart from other artists in the industry.