Ringtone: Why I can’t have children despite being rich -

Ringtone: Why I can’t have children despite being rich

Ringtone Apoko, often recognized as the prominent figure in Kenyan gospel music, recently provided insights into his personal life during a candid interview with Mungai Eve. In this revealing conversation, Ringtone unveiled his dreams of love and family.

During the interview, Ringtone passionately expressed his love for children and his aspiration to build a large family, envisioning a total of seven children in his future. However, he openly acknowledged his concerns about bringing children into a world that might subject them to the same hardships he endured during his own upbringing.

“Yes, I have fears, deep fears about bringing children into this world who might face the hardships I did,” Ringtone candidly admitted.

Despite these apprehensions, Ringtone underscored his unwavering commitment to ensuring that the mother of his seven children enjoys a fulfilling life. He even expressed his intent to present her with seven meaningful gifts, each symbolizing the seven times she would bring a child into the world.

In an unexpected twist, the controversial gospel artist hinted at the prospect of settling down and establishing a family in the near future. He disclosed that he has a significant number of women in his life, and the process of selecting the right life partner is currently underway.

Ringtone also shared that his direct messages (DMs) are inundated with messages from female admirers, both local and international, expressing their affection for him. This suggests that the artist is not lacking in admirers who are eager to capture his attention.