NAMU Shuttle And It’s Reign Over Matatu Industry In Murang’a.

The matatu industry has revolutionized over time, from the face me type to the mini-busses , the industry now boasts of its high-end pimped PSVs commonly referred to as ‘Nganya‘.

Among the most standing out shuttles is the NAMU Shuttle which hails from Murang’a.

Namu came into the game early in 2009 transversing Kangema, Kiriaini, Mugoiri, Murang’a Town, Kenol and Nairobi.

Managed by Anthony Mwangi, Namu has managed to capture the eyes of thrill seekers who mostly are the youths.

With its crazy sound system and beautiful graffiti’s, Namu has managed to stay relevant beating its competitors in their own game.

However, with the good side comes the negative news.

The shuttle has made a name of being notoriously rude to its clients, either by the touts or the driver.

This has made their fame increase even more among the youths who are never afraid of risk taking.

It is rumored that Murang’a County Woman Representative, Sabina Chege owns the shuttle.