Keziah Wa Kariuki on why she never Wanted To Divorce Muthee Kiengei
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Keziah Wa Kariuki on why she never Wanted To Divorce Muthee Kiengei.

After the love story between Kameme TV presenter Keziah Kariuki and Kameme FM comedian Ben Gathungu, alias Muthee Kiengei went sour, anew twist has been going around on social media on why they divorced, Keziah has however revealed what prompted the separation.

Talking with Jeremy Damaris on his YouTube channel, Keziah clarified that she quit her marriage after her husband wedded a a second wife, and she couldn’t stomach it.

The decision however brought a bout a heated debate on social media, her family and also in her work place, since very few could have pictured the two no more as a couple. From her admission, she uncovered that she would even break into tears while getting ready for a live TV show, however she prayed for God’s strength and later overcome it..

However, she thanks God for seeing her through since she made it. At the moment, she has found a new lover, whom she has revealed using her official Facebook page. It’s also alleged that the man have already proposed, and Keziah has said yes.

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