Yesu Wa Tongaren Wife, Denies Being Pregnant After Gaining Weight kama Nguruwe

During a series of home interviews conducted by journalists from various media outlets, Nabii Benjamin, the wife of self-proclaimed Jesus ‘Yesu Wa Tongaren,’ became the subject of speculation due to her noticeable weight gain. However, in a recent interview, she unequivocally addressed and dispelled these pregnancy rumors.

Nabii Benjamin shed light on her stress-free lifestyle, emphasizing the absurdity of such rumors and questioning their origins. With conviction, she exclaimed, “Why would Jesus’ wife experience stress? How could I possibly feel burdened when I reside with Yesu?” Her unwavering faith in God served as the foundation for her disbelief in any potential sources of distress.

Furthermore, Nabii Benjamin expressed her sole focus on fulfilling her divine purpose alongside her husband. Their primary mission is to carry out the work of the Lord, rather than embarking on the journey of parenthood. Thus, her increased weight can be attributed to factors unrelated to pregnancy.

In addition to debunking the pregnancy speculation, it is important to note that Yesu Wa Tongaren and Nabii Benjamin are indeed a married couple and have children, some of whom are still pursuing their education. Their commitment to their family remains intact alongside their spiritual responsibilities.