”Make Money My sister acha Ujinga”Muthoni Mukiri Lectures Broke Women Looking For Rich Men

In a recent message, former news anchor Muthoni Mukiri has urged women to break free from the pattern of waiting for affluent men to rescue them from financial struggles. Taking on the role of a motivational speaker, the journalist emphasized the need for women to assume responsibility for their financial well-being.

Muthoni pointed out a common misconception among financially challenged women, asserting, “Most broke women don’t believe they are broke; they think they are dating the wrong guy.” Encouraging a change in mindset, she challenged women to abandon the reliance on men for financial support and instead take charge of their own lives.

The seasoned journalist, and mother of one, identified the pursuit of men to alleviate financial difficulties as a factor leading some women to engage in questionable relationships, hopping from one married man to another in an attempt to secure their livelihoods. Criticizing this behavior, she questioned the wisdom of waiting for someone else to rescue them while engaging in activities that compromise their integrity.

“So you are waiting for someone to come and save you, for a stranger somewhere. So in the meantime, you are jumping from one man to another in hookup sites, doing the unthinkable to try to make a living,” she candidly stated.

Muthoni dispelled the notion that financial woes could be solely attributed to not meeting a wealthy partner. She cautioned against succumbing to the allure of a man’s wealth, emphasizing that such dependence could lead to vulnerability and exploitation within relationships.

“If someone can come into your life and save you, doing everything for you, then you start thinking that they are giving you something that you can’t give to yourself. You start treating them like a god. They start doing whatever they want with your body and whatever they want to you,” she advised.

As a personal development coach, Muthoni concluded her message by urging women to take proactive steps in their financial independence. “So 2024 is a year to grow up, make money my sister, it’s you that is broke,” she asserted.

Online reactions to Muthoni’s message were varied, with some expressing agreement and others feeling challenged by her words. Netizens applauded her straightforward approach, with comments such as, “This brain must be protected at all costs,” and “Well put!! Most women will insult you coz you can’t afford what she herself (with her money/not given with bf) can’t. Sad!” reflecting the diversity of opinions.