Teacher Collapses and Dies While Supervising National Exams in Nairobi

Authorities are currently investigating the demise of an invigilator during the ongoing national exams in Nairobi. The 53-year-old invigilator, stationed at a city school, experienced chest pains and was swiftly taken to Nairobi Women’s Hospital, where he was later pronounced dead.

The police have moved the body to the morgue, awaiting a post-mortem examination to determine the cause of death. A thorough investigation is underway, with law enforcement officers visiting the scene as part of their inquiry.

Simultaneously, the police are looking into a potential drowning incident in the Mathioya River. Residents discovered the unclothed body of an unidentified middle-aged man, reporting the finding to the authorities. The police noted facial injuries on the body that could not be immediately identified. The body has been transferred to the morgue pending identification and further examination.

In a separate incident, law enforcement apprehended a man suspected of involvement in a series of criminal activities in Nyamasaria, Kisumu. During a patrol in the area, officers received information about the suspect hiding military uniforms. Upon investigation, the team uncovered five mobile phones, a knife, and combat attire. The police are currently interrogating the suspect to gather more information about his activities in the region, with indications suggesting his possible involvement in war crimes.