Muigai wa Njoroge’s 1st wife recalls begging co-wife to return after relocating to USA

In her attempt to salvage her marriage, Gladys Njeri, the first wife of the renowned Kikuyu artist Muigai wa Njoroge, reached out to her co-wife, Queen Stacy.

During an interview on Thursday, January 25, 2024, Njeri shared that after nine years of marriage, the singer had taken a second wife and moved in with her. Left alone with her three children, Njeri found solace in alcohol, battling alcoholism for two years as a way to cope with the pain.

“I used to drink from morning to evening, and during that time, I was broke. I felt bitter and harbored resentment towards men. I even contemplated suicide,” she disclosed, mentioning that she lost her car to her co-wife.

After five years, Njeri managed to cope and accept the situation, although she admitted to disliking how she handled it. She embarked on a spiritual journey, returned to church, and revived her music career.

However, a twist occurred when her husband dedicated a song titled ‘Gituure Wi Murata’ to his second wife. This triggered Njeri to relapse into alcoholism. Eventually, they reconciled, conducted a traditional wedding (Ruracio), and Muigai dedicated a song called ‘Waku wa Muico’ to her.

Despite the apparent reconciliation, Njeri highlighted that they failed to address their underlying marital issues during this process. She acknowledged that they swept their problems under the rug without proper communication.

Notably, Queen Stacy, who had initially moved abroad, was asked to return to Kenya to work on their polygamous marriage. After her return, the couple went public with their private life on social media.

Unfortunately, despite Njeri’s efforts, the marriage eventually crumbled, and she has since separated from Muigai. She stated that she tried her best to fix the marriage, but it didn’t work. When asked about her marital status during an interview on Kameme FM with Muthoni wa Kirumba alias BabyTop, Njeri responded, “Not anymore. We tried our best, but it did not work.”

Despite the separation, the 41-year-old praised Muigai for being a great father to their children and wished him and his new partner blessings.