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Drama In Murang’a As Angry Husband Locates Home Of Man Having Affair With His Wife, Breaks His Nose and Smash His Car.

No day is a dull one in Murang’a County, and true to this, there was drama in Mukuyu town after a jittered husband located the house of a man suspected to be having an affair with his wife.

Anthony Kamau on Sunday, 5 June stormed the house of Samuel Irungu and wasting no time paunced on him like a hungry lion.

Anthony after thoroughly beating Irungu was cooled down by residents who had pulled around to witness the drama.

According to eyewitnesses, Anthony said that Irungu had been visiting his home while he was at work and having s*x with his wife from the kitchen to the table room and a climax on his matrimonial bed.

“He said that this guy has been having s*x with his wife for almost three months and that he noticed that something was off when he found a pair of alien socks in his bedroom,” a resident was quoted saying.

“This is very bad. For someone to go have s*x with another man’s wife and to top it all in his house, let the beating serve as a lesson to him,” another stated.

Eyewitnesses say that as Anthony was heading out of Irungu’s house, he had already broken the man’s nose and smashed his car.