“Hatujakulwa 5 Years!” Pritty Vishy And Her Mother Open Up On Suffering Dryspell For Years

Pritty Vishy and her mother have been facing a significant dry spell in their romantic lives. Their bond strengthened upon Pritty’s return from Saudi Arabia, where she had been working for over five years, marking the first time they had seen each other in a long while. Reconnecting, they shared stories of growth and joy.

Pritty’s mother disclosed that she hadn’t been involved in any intimate relationships for the past five years, attributing it to the cautious social environment regarding such matters in Arabia, especially for unmarried individuals. She expressed the difficulty of finding a compatible partner.

Meanwhile, Pritty Vishy revealed that she has been practicing celibacy for seven years, opting to abstain from romantic entanglements. Despite her past relationship with Kibera rapper Stevo Simple Boy, which garnered attention, their highly publicized breakup led Pritty to prioritize her personal growth.

In the aftermath of their split, both Pritty and Stevo have been actively seeking attention by frequently announcing new relationships, often in pursuit of social media clout.