Diamond confronts man who has been seducing Zuchu relentlessly

Diamond Platnumz boldly asserted his dominance in the face of a determined rival who sought to dethrone him as the reigning king of Zuchu’s affections.

Confronting the audacious suitor who had set his sights on Zuchu, the Bongo singer unequivocally communicated that his love territory was being encroached upon.

Choosing to unveil the amorous text messages sent by the persistent contender, Diamond exposed the romantic advances that were being directed at Zuchu with the fervor of Cupid’s arrows.

One of the messages read, “Give me a call when you’re up…” Another message expressed a desire to meet Zuchu for 10 minutes, inquiring about any associated costs: “Nashida ya kuonana na wewe leo for 10min, utaniambia kama kuna gharama zozote za kukuona.”

In response to the suitor’s persistent advances, Diamond issued a stern warning, asserting his awareness of the attempt to seduce his beloved. He informed the intruder that Zuchu had reported him, declaring, “Mwenye hii namba, nikujuze tu kuwa mwanamke wangu @officialzuchu amenifikishia habari zako!”

Zuchu, in a revealing interview in September 2023, proudly disclosed that she had only been in a romantic relationship with one man her entire life—Diamond Platnumz. Responding to a question about her romantic history, she declared, “Mmoja tu (only one),” passionately embracing and showering Diamond with kisses.

When probed further about the possibility of any other romantic involvements, Zuchu emphatically stated, “Pekeake, pekeake (only one),” reaffirming her commitment to Diamond. She dismissed the notion of any other boyfriends, challenging the presenter with, “Hakuna mwingine? (There is no one else?)”

In jest, Zuchu hinted at the vast number of women in Diamond’s romantic history, suggesting that if the same question were posed to him, the response would be quite extensive. As she playfully retreated into the hotel room, she amusingly remarked, “Hilo swali ukimuuliza yeye (Diamond) sasa aiiii (If you ask Diamond that question [How many women he has slept with] aiiii).”