Daylight Drama as Maths Teacher is Beaten Like a Dog By His Form Four Students
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Daylight Drama as Maths Teacher is Beaten Like a Dog By His Form Four Students

Three notorious Form four students are on the police radar after purportedly beating their mathematics teacher with kicks and blows prior to hitting him with a sharp object.

Police reports confirmed that a Form Four students at St. John’s secondary school in Sikinwa are to face different criminal charges after assaulting their mathematics teacher on Tuesday evening.

The teacher on duty had purportedly found the said students with a mobile phone, but he immediately hid it. At the point when the teacher attempted to search him, the student declined and began raining blows on him before other teachers intervened..

After arriving at agreement, the indiscipline boys consented to merge at the precinct of their math teacher, and as they were approaching the house, their teacher “fortunately” came out and promptly assaulted him mercilessly.

“ It was around 7:20 pm when I was going out for a short call. On my way, I met with students who descended on me with kicks and blow then hit my neck with wooden material,” the victim said.

The upsetting demonstration has left teachers at St. John’s secondary school in sikinwa leaving in fear after reports that the rebel students are as yet seeking after them. They have since reported the said matter to the Gituamba police station.

While affirming the incident, the school deputy, Mr. David Wafula (not the genuine name), said the students were retaking the Form year after failing the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (KCSE).

Police commander in his statements to media houses confirmed the incident, saying the suspect have been arrested and taken into police custody, where they await to be arraigned in court once the investigation is completed.