Kimani Mbugua’s father Explains What Ruined His Son & Shuttered his Dreams

Kimani Mbugua’s father has recounted how his son’s life was derailed and his aspirations shattered due to drugs and alcoholism.

In an exclusive interview with seasoned journalist Oga Obinna, Kimani Mbugua’s father disclosed the pivotal moment when his son’s life took a dark turn. It happened during a house party in town, where Kimani was influenced by his peers and acquaintances to experiment with hard drugs.

“My son possessed immense potential. However, his downfall stemmed from misplaced trust, even his girlfriend betrayed him,” Mbugua lamented during the interview.

Recently, Kimani Mbugua has attracted negative attention by publicly targeting his family members and former colleagues from his tenure at Citizen TV.

In one of his social media posts, Kimani described a profoundly distressing incident that drove him to begin using marijuana.

In his podcast, Kimani candidly shared the genesis of his struggle with drug addiction.

“I encountered a woman who seemed otherworldly, enticing me into a sexual encounter and invoking my name,” he recounted.

Subsequently, Kimani’s addiction spiraled, leading to episodes of psychosis and necessitating his admission to Mathare hospital.

He has been admitted to Mathare Mental Hospital twice since 2020.

Kimani now implores others to steer clear of drugs, drawing from his own harrowing experiences.