Husband catches his pregnant wife in bed with their pastor inside his own house -

Husband catches his pregnant wife in bed with their pastor inside his own house

A devastated husband was left shattered after discovering his pregnant wife in bed with their pastor. Disturbing photos, which have since circulated online, captured the pastor and pregnant wife desperately trying to hide from the prying camera after being caught in the act.

Reports indicate that the pastor, who also works as an electrician, claimed that the wife had reached out to him for help in fixing her malfunctioning refrigerator. Unfortunately, upon his arrival at her house, a power outage occurred, leaving them in the dark. In an effort to wait for the power to be restored, the wife allegedly suggested that the pastor make himself comfortable and “chill” until the issue was resolved.

However, despite the pastor’s explanation, he faced physical retribution in the form of slaps for engaging in a relationship with a pregnant woman.

Here are a few selected comments gathered from the trending story on Twitter:

@merciemwangi92 – Pastors and priests are also human beings who are prone to making mistakes, just like any other person. They have blood running through their veins, not water.

@austintexanone – It’s worth considering that Lodwar is located in a hot area, which might explain why the pastor took off his shirt.

@georgenjoroge_ – If you find yourself in a private setting with a consenting adult woman, she belongs exclusively to you. Any man who intrudes upon such a situation should be prepared to face the consequences, even if he presents a marriage certificate. Prioritize finishing the task at hand before opening the door to unwanted guests. In the event of a set-up, respond by protecting yourself and ensuring the woman is safe, then deal with the so-called husband accordingly. Never allow anyone to film you in a vulnerable state. Never, under any circumstances. After subduing all involved men, bring the wife back to bed and continue what you had begun. Remember, lodgings are not meant for married women, regardless of what the husband may have done.