Kirinyaga Primary Teacher Becomes Village Laughing Stock After Divorcing His ‘Illiterate’ Wife and Marrying a Class Five School Dropout Barmaid

In Kirinyaga West District, a primary school teacher’s life took an unforeseen turn as he divorced his initial spouse, dissatisfied with her perceived lack of educational attainment. Surprisingly, he ended up marrying a woman who had only completed fifth grade and was a mother of three.

Upon marrying his first wife, the teacher displayed discontent with her unemployment, despite initially convincing her to forego further education with promises of financial support. His true intentions unfolded when he fell in love with another teacher from a different school.

Caught in a dilemma with two wives, he resorted to mistreating his first wife, leading her to leave with their two-year-old child. His attempt to marry the second woman failed due to her fear of being labeled a home wrecker. Distraught, the teacher sought solace in alcohol, leading to an unexpected encounter with a barmaid.

In a drunken state, determined to prove a point, the teacher promised to marry the barmaid if she accompanied him home. The barmaid cleverly suggested picking up her clothes and children from her house, to which the intoxicated teacher agreed.

The next morning, the teacher woke up to a startling reality—his house filled with the laughter of three children and a woman he barely knew. Attempts to remove her proved futile, and as he left for school, the teacher found himself in a predicament he never anticipated.

Throughout the day, the new woman in his life engaged in miraa chewing and frequented the local pub, transforming the once-respected teacher into a village laughingstock. This unexpected twist of fate serves as a cautionary tale about the consequences of abandoning commitments and making impulsive decisions fueled by personal desires and frustrations.