Musa Hasahya Kasera: Meet Ugandan Man With 102 Children and 578 Grandchildren

A 68-year-old man from Uganda continues to draw global attention with his extensive family. Musa Hasahya Kasera, having entered into marriage with 12 wives, now finds himself as the father of 102 children and the grandfather of 578. In a conversation with AFP, the aging patriarch opened up about the challenges of providing for such a large family. Kasera, expressing regret, revealed that he has turned to birth control methods to curtail further expansion, acknowledging that he can no longer adequately care for his extensive household.

The remorseful Kasera admitted to not knowing all of his children’s names, stating, “I only know the names of the firstborn and the last born. My wives help me identify some of my children.” Reflecting on his decision to marry multiple wives, Kasera explained that villagers, attracted by his status as a trader and butcher, would gift him girls, some of whom were below 18 years old. Although the legal prohibition against marrying underage girls in Uganda was abolished in 1995, polygamy has persisted as a common practice.

Taking steps to address the situation, Kasera declared, “I have decided enough is enough. My wives are now using contraceptives, but I am not. I do not expect more. I have learned from my irresponsible behavior of having many children that I cannot take care of.”

Despite the challenges, the Kasera family holds monthly meetings to resolve disputes, with Musa chairing the sessions. Speaking to AFP, a local administrator commended Musa Kasera for raising his children well, highlighting that, despite their considerable number, there have been no reported cases of theft or other minor crimes.