Alice Kamau: Young Nairobi lady making Sh. 150k monthly from selling ‘Uji Power’

Alice Kamau, a youthful entrepreneur residing in the Kimbo district of Ruiru, has carved her niche in the local market with her innovative porridge vending enterprise. Her journey began with a simple passion for porridge and a keen eye for untapped opportunities in her community.

Identifying a glaring need for quality porridge, Alice embarked on her entrepreneurial odyssey, initially contemplating a modest hotel venture before ultimately deciding on her porridge enterprise. Armed with a modest capital of Sh. 50,000, she courageously launched her business, channeling her marketing efforts primarily through social media platforms, notably TikTok, and relying on word-of-mouth referrals to expand her customer base.

Though her business had humble beginnings, Alice’s unwavering dedication to online marketing and customer engagement propelled its growth. Today, her enterprise employs two individuals to facilitate its daily operations, with an impressive daily revenue averaging Sh. 10,000 and monthly profits exceeding six figures, approximately Sh. 128,000.

Despite the burgeoning success, Alice remains grounded, emphasizing the importance of consistency and exceptional customer service over mere profit maximization. She allocates a portion of her earnings to cover employee wages and operational expenses, maintaining financial discipline to sustain her business’s upward trajectory.

Central to the allure of Alice’s porridge is its reputed invigorating effect, attributed to its meticulously crafted recipe comprising arrowroots, cassava, honey, milk, and the secret ingredient—groundnuts. Customers attest to its revitalizing properties, cementing its popularity within the local community.

Reflecting on her entrepreneurial journey, Alice imparts invaluable lessons gleaned from her experiences. She underscores the significance of self-motivation, resilience against detractors, and unwavering commitment to one’s principles. Moreover, she advocates for a steadfast focus on quality, consistency, and exemplary customer service as the cornerstones of sustainable business success.

Looking ahead, Alice harbors ambitious aspirations to expand her porridge vending venture beyond Ruiru, envisioning a network of outlets across Nairobi and beyond. In her quest to nurture budding entrepreneurs, she pays it forward by offering training programs on porridge and fruit juice preparation, empowering youths to leverage their talents and resources to embark on their entrepreneurial journeys.

In essence, Alice Kamau’s entrepreneurial saga epitomizes the transformative power of passion, innovation, and perseverance in realizing one’s dreams and uplifting communities through enterprise and empowerment.